Got a Water Hammer in your walls? Ratting pipes maybe? Or even the toilet that will not stop filling.

Your plumbing networks lie unobtrusively and quietly behind walls, strapped under floor joists or fixed to ceiling rafters. Plumbing is a supply in and a waste out system- and makes noise coming and going. And there is nothing more annoying than noisy plumbing problems such as water hammering, rattling pipes, and running toilet tanks.

Here is some helpful info for you to store into your memory banks for that moment you get which involves noisy pipes (and you WILL get them);


Thanks to modern technology, the days of underground pipe repair is no longer the hassle it once was.

In the past, underground pipe repair involved excavation or digging (depending on the task) just to be able to inspect and repair underground pipes. But now as the years have progressed, technology has become more advanced which in turn has brought about modern methodologies that make plumbing jobs such as this so much easier, quicker and cheaper to remedy the repair.

However, what is of the utmost importance is that you need to be aware that it is crucial to have this type of project carried out by licensed and professional plumbers.

Underground Pipe Repair Methods

In today's progressive world there are a number of methods available to repair underground pipes. Previously, plumbers had to spend hours digging but now with technology as it is, they do not have to dig or excavate pipes so as to enable them to replace or repair them. There are now a number of ‘trenchless’ methods that are cost-efficient and less invasive.

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